Team GB Olympics kit

Category: Textiles
Box frames


Representing your country at the Olympics is an extraordinary achievement. Something most athletes only dream about.

Superstar sprinter Emily Diamond had incredible memories of participating in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. To help preserve these, she asked us to frame her TeamGB kits so she could proudly display them in her home.


Large box frames like this need careful planning to achieve a pleasing layout.

We carefully stretched the garments flat over a hand-cut template in the shape of the tops and shorts. Before securing them discreetly on a conservation backing board with fabric tags.

We made a pair of striking, modern box frames with 20mm spacers to hold the glass well above the garments.

Emily chose a black frame with a white background for a classic presentation style.


Instead of leaving them in a wardrobe, Emily can now enjoy her TeamGB kits on the wall, knowing they are framed to the highest standard.