Remembering Mum and Dad

Category: 3D Objects
Box frame


This stylish box frame was for a customer who wished to remember his late parents by framing three treasured items:

  1. Dad’s wristwatch
  2. Mum’s wedding ring
  3. A card he had written to his mum near the end of her life

Our approach

A well-thought-out design was key to making the finished frame look stunning.

Although no one intended to wear the watch again, we felt it was important to keep the strap intact. After all, sentimental objects are just as important to us as they are to our customers.


A simple, natural oak moulding with a wax hand finish allows the items to take centre stage.

We used spacers behind the mount to create enough room for the watch. And carefully threaded the strap through the back of the frame before fixing it in position with invisible nylon thread.

The methods we use when fixing 3D objects into a frame are reversible. So if you ever want to remove the objects in the future you can without damaging them.