London Marathon medals

Category: Memorabilia
Box frame

Framing is a great way to showcase and preserve medals, allowing you to tell the story of your accomplishments while also protecting them from damage caused by exposure to air, moisture and sunlight.


We designed this box frame for a remarkable young woman. Deaf from birth, she achieved her goal of running the London Marathon twice over.

She ran her first one in 2020 when the Covid pandemic required the runners to complete the race remotely on their own. She went on to cross the finish line again in 2022 when the marathon returned to being a mass participation event.


Using a simple ash moulding stained white to make the box frame, we created an aesthetically pleasing layout to showcase the medals and Guinness World Records certificate behind a conservation mount. 

We fixed the medals discretely onto the conservation backing board using nylon thread and foam pads while holding the ribbons taut with tiny tags. To secure the ribbons on the reverse, we cut two slots and threaded the ribbon through, avoiding the need to cut them.

To ensure that these special items stay in perfect condition for years to come, we used UV barrier glass to protect them from fading and deterioration.


Now, our customer can share and enjoy her amazing achievements by having her precious medals on display, safe in the knowledge that they are preserved for the long term.