Hiroshige print

Category: Artwork
Hand coloured frame

This is a great example of how we can hand colour a frame and mount to elevate the artwork we are framing for you.

One of our customers brought in this beautiful woodblock print by Japanese artist Hiroshige that was already in an off-white mount that they wished to keep.

To create the frame itself from a bare wood, ash moulding, we applied a solid aqua stain to complement the artist’s palette. Then, we hand-painted a conservation mount in the same colour. This mount sits on top of the original mount that came with the print.

We then cut a third mount in an off-white to closely resemble the original one. Adding this third mount creates depth and draws you in to view the exquisite detail of the figures scurrying across the Ohashi bridge in the pelting rain.

The certificate of authenticity and print details are thoughtfully fixed on the back of the frame, ensuring every detail is taken care of.