Grandad’s World War 2 story

Category: Memorabilia
Box frame


Custom frames are a fantastic way of telling someone’s story.

Our customer asked us to use our creativity to design a box frame for a collection of precious keepsakes. The items were from Grandad’s service during World War 2.

Narrowing down what to include in the frame was a big challenge. The family had so many precious keepsakes to choose from.


We made a deep box frame in natural oak to enhance but not distract from the sepia tones of the items.

To display the 2D and 3D objects we used an effective mix of mounting methods.

For example, the photo and medals are behind a single window mount. One document is behind a double window mount. While the box, badge and papers are float and surface mounted.

We used UV protective glass to keep these nostalgic papers and medals pristine.


Grandad’s story is preserved for future generations.