Eddie Merckx cycling memorabilia

Category: Sports Shirts | Textiles
Box frame


This interesting project involved creating a custom frame to display a t-shirt and cap signed by Eddy Merckx, arguably one of the greatest cyclists of all time.

Our customer also wished to display some small items of memorabilia h about his hero.


Not wanting the frame to come out too large in size, it was crucial to design an attractive but compact layout for the various items.

We chose to fold and stitch the cap in the centre of the Kannibaal t-shirt, arranging the small items in a row beneath it.

We then cut a foam board former by hand to slide inside the shirt to keep it taut and looking good.

Our customer opted for a conservation black backing board to contrast brilliantly with the red of the t-shirt. A custom-made black box frame with black spacers completes this tribute to Eddy.


These prized possessions are now a wonderful tribute to Eddy’s fantastic cycling career and will last a lifetime.