Sally Anne Fitter

Sally Anne Fitter’s floral still lifes are a reflection of her training in textile design and ceramics, making them vibrant and intriguing.

After a career teaching, Sally Anne went on to set up her own successful textile design studio in London. 

Then in 2003, she decided to pursue painting professionally and today she works from her studio on the North Norfolk coast.

Her art is a beautiful combination of surface texture, pattern, an imaginative colour palette, and boldly designed compositions.

She incorporates ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ leaf, and elements of collage to add a third dimension of luminosity and texture to her paintings.

Speaking about her work she says:

“If people feel happy looking at my paintings then I have achieved something I was hoping for.”

These artisan prints available through our gallery have been developed to preserve the richness and texture of Sally Anne’s original paintings. Each print has a carefully hand-applied ‘gold’ leaf, making each one unique.