Paul Evans

With his extraordinary ability to capture the sounds, smells and atmosphere of the landscapes he paints, it is unsurprising that this renowned landscape artist is collected worldwide.

Our collection includes a striking range of signed, limited prints from Paul Evans, one of the most successful landscape artists in Britain today.

Paul draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the landscapes and coastal regions of East Anglia, Sussex, Kent, and Cornwall.

His unique style captures the essence of changing light, weather, and seasons through explosions of colours and with a superb eye for detail. He constantly experiments with various materials and techniques to bring life to his work, transporting us into the very place where he sets up his easel.

Paul studied illustration and printmaking at Eastbourne College of Art & Design in the 1970s and has earned his living solely through painting ever since.

He resides in rural Suffolk and has had over 75 solo exhibitions.